From Rossini to Shostakovitch

Since 2001, the classic quartet SCHERZO has enthralled the public in various West European countries. All four players are graduated of Russia's most prodigious music college and academy "Gnessin" in Moscow. When founding the ensemble it was their goal to make the apparently impossible possible: to interpret works written for symphony orchestras by famous Russian and West European composers on traditionals Russian folk instruments.


In order to let this idea become reality the works had to be rearranged for four instruments - balalaika, domra, balalaika double bass and bayan.The most popular Russian folk instrument - balalaika prima - has only three strings; more than that two out of three are equally tuned. Even the development of new playing techniques became necessary.


The quartet's name is derived from the italian and indicates the way members play: classical music performed with fun and a refreshing ease, with incomparable charm and breathtaking virtuosity.