Sergey Mushtakoff Svetlana Stolyarova
Balalaika prima Domra alto
Founder of the ensemble. Completed his studies at the Music College "Gnessin" in 1994, Several stays abroad. 2001 foundation of the Quartet SCHERZO.  From Moscow. Honours degree from the Music Academy "Gnessin" under Prof. Victor Tchunin. Co-founder of the Quartet SCHERZO.


Andrey Tatarinets Alexey Lavrentyev
Balalaika Double Bass Bayan
Born in Moscow. He attended music schools from the age of eight. 1996 he entered the Music College "Gnessin". Member of the ensemble SCHERZO since its inception.


From Kaluga. Completed his studies under Prof. Friedrich Lips at the Music Akademy "Gnessin" with an honours degree. Winner of several competitions. Member of the ensemble since the end of 2004.